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Knowledge is the key to being successful in almost all occupations. Online trading is no different, so we answer the questions most traders have, to improve your skills and assist in making informed decisions.

about us

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At Trading Answers, we believe in the power of knowledge and its capacity to evolve our trading decisions. Rooted in years of firsthand experience on the volatile waves of the stock market, our passion for sharing wisdom is what fuels us. We are a collective of professional traders, software developers and financial consultants united by one common goal: to empower individuals like ourselves with critical insights, tools and broker reviews that will enhance their trading journey.

We remember what it was like when we first started – navigating through complex jargon, grappling with fluctuating markets and feeling overwhelmed by endless broker options. It’s an intimidating world out there for both beginners and experts alike. That’s why we’ve poured all our heart into creating this comprehensive knowledge base. Every piece of information you find here carries not just data but also our collective experiences, lessons learned from successes as well as failures – all curated with utmost honesty and professionalism. We are determined to help you make informed decisions because your success is ultimately ours too – that’s how deeply connected we feel towards this tight-knit community of traders which we now call family.

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Wondering how to calculate expectancy, which broker offers tight spreads, or simply how do I start trading? We have answers to the key trading questions asked (or that should be asked) by traders of all levels.

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